Trump Demands a Cut of Donations From Campaigns That Use His Name

The presidential campaign of former President Donald J. Trump said in a letter to Republican vendors that candidates may use his name, image and likeness in campaign materials only if they send at least 5 percent of donations that they receive to Mr. Trump’s campaign.

The move in effect imposes a tax on using the Trump brand for campaign purposes. Mr. Trump has sought to close a significant financial gap between him and President Biden, his Democratic rival. The Biden campaign and its political committees reported $192 million in cash on hand at the end of March, more than double the $93 million of Trump and the Republican Party.

Danielle Alvarez, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, said in a statement that “it is important to protect small-dollar donors from scammers that use the president’s name and likeness.”

In a letter this week signed by Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, who identified themselves as co-campaign managers, the campaign also said it was tightening control of campaign materials that use Mr. Trump’s name, prohibiting strident language that has become common in donor appeals such as “President Trump needs you” or “If you support President Trump, you’ll contribute now.”

The letter said the messaging guidelines were part of an effort “to treat our donors with the utmost respect.” After Mr. Trump appeared in court on Monday, the campaign sent a fund-raising pitch falsely claiming in all-capital letters that Mr. Trump had “just stormed out of Biden’s kangaroo court!” Mr. Trump had not actually stormed out of the Manhattan courthouse.

The letter added that the campaign would punish campaign vendors if candidates whom they worked with did not comply with the new rules.

“Repeated violations will result in the suspension of business relationships” with the Trump campaign and the national party, the letter said.

The campaign also encouraged Republican candidates and committees to kick up more than the 5 percent minimum for donations received.

“Any split that is higher than 5 percent will be seen favorably by the R.N.C. and President Trump’s campaign, and is routinely reported to the highest levels of leadership within both organizations,” the letter said.

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